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Baptism by fire: Turning old into dramatic with a lick of flame

As she herself says, “This girl is on fire!” Tana MacDonald is a creative gal, running a multi-faceted business of interior design, space planning, specialty/faux painting and more in Toronto’s western suburbs. So it was that, casting about for something new

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Off-grid Shou Sugi Ban tiny house is giant by nature

Alpine Tiny Homes, the firm behind the Brown Bear tiny house, recently completed a large new model that looks finished to just as high a standard. Aptly named the Tiny Giant, the towable dwelling stands out from the crowd thanks to its

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French tiny house with Japanese flair serves as full-time home to a family of three

Due to the country’s towing laws, French tiny houses give firms less room to work with than their US counterparts. With this in mind, Baluchon had a real challenge to make the 6.5 m (21 ft) long and 4 m

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Off-grid tiny house comes in Shou Sugi Ban style

Canadian green living proponent Greenmoxie recently completed its first tiny house. The firm is off to a strong start, and alongside some impressive off-grid technology the eponymous dwelling includes novel features you don’t usually expect to see in a tiny

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Escape’s latest tiny house has a Japanese flavor

A big-hitter in the small living scene, Escape’s tiny house models always offer good build quality and smart design. The firm’s latest tiny house, the Escape One, is no different, and features a Japanese-style charred wood exterior and a well thought-out

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Tiny minimalist hut goes back to basics with Shou Sugi Ban

Japanese retailer Muji has entered the small living scene with a tiny new hut. Featuring an attractive minimalist design, the Muji Hut is about as basic as it gets, but could suit those looking for a simple cabin in the

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Shou ‘Piney’ Ban: Finishing southern pine with fire

Since 2004, Michael Moran, and now his partner Celia Gibson, can be found, chisel in hand, building each unique object one piece at a time, one hand-cut joint at a time, watching wood become a functional work of art. Moran

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Zen Meditation on the Art of Creating Shou Sugi Ban Boards

John Neeman Tools shows us how shou sugi ban should be done – by hand, under dappled sunlight and with a zen master playing the flute as accompaniment. Check out his meditative video tutorial – without any words to take away from

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Shou-Sugi-Ban Wood Siding

From Remodelista, a photo-overview of how to create Shou Sugi Ban siding. One family’s account of building a house in Southern California with Mexico City–born, San Diego–based architect Sebastian Mariscal.

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Weekend Project: Make a Shou Sugi Ban dining table

From the Felted Fox, this weekend try creating a Shou sugi Ban table with only a few simple materials needed.  Though a few expletives were uttered during the making of this table (which come standard with my husband’s DIY projects),

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