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Zen Meditation on the Art of Creating Shou Sugi Ban Boards


John Neeman Tools shows us how shou sugi ban should be done – by hand, under dappled sunlight and with a zen master playing the flute as accompaniment. Check out his meditative video tutorial – without any words to take away from

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Shou-Sugi-Ban Wood Siding


From Remodelista, a photo-overview of how to create Shou Sugi Ban siding. One family’s account of building a house in Southern California with Mexico City–born, San Diego–based architect Sebastian Mariscal.

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Weekend Project: Make a Shou Sugi Ban dining table


From the Felted Fox, this weekend try creating a Shou sugi Ban table with only a few simple materials needed.  Though a few expletives were uttered during the making of this table (which come standard with my husband’s DIY projects),

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Flame Throwing Sugi Style

Flame Throwing Sugi style

From Orchard House in Ohio, here’s how you char wood in today’s world: get yourself a flame thrower. In actuality, it is a lot of fun with fire. It’s like one hot coat of paint that will last the life

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Apartment Therapy Tutorial: Make a Shou Sugi Ban Wall


Apartment Therapy gives a helpful tutorial on making your own Shou Sugi Ban wall. Note their safety tips! For those of you who would like to try this yourself, please be aware that dust from charred wood is so fine

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HGTV kitchen remodel shows their Shou Sugi Ban chops

Shou Sugi Ban

From HGTV Kitchen Cousins, this kitchen remodel incorporates Shou Sugi Ban walls to create the ‘rustic – luxe’ style the owners are looking for.

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Remodeling 101: Shou Sugi Ban Wood as Siding and Flooring

Char Levels

From Remodelista, an article about how shou sugi ban is catching fire in the world of hip designers and architects. Repeat after us: Shou sugi ban. Devised as a way to make wood less susceptible to fire and to keep

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